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What or who is Rx2? Over the years, so many people have confused our names, we started with the abbreviation of Rx2 for Ron and Ryan. Sometimes we say R to the second power (R2). Here is a little introduction to who stands behind each 'R'.
Ron with cowRon hales from Iowa, and still considers himself a farm boy – preferring bare feet and green spaces whenever possible. After obtaining his second advanced degree, the MSW from the University of Iowa, he lived and worked in Modesto, CA. He met Ryan there, where they eventually set off on their current life path. By 2000, Ron had earned his TESOL (English as Foreign Language) Certification, while Ryan completed his Ed.D.

The intention was to explore European life for a year and then return to the Eastern seaboard of the US. The start date was originally September 14, 2001, however, the recovery time from the shock of the 9/11 horrors while visiting NJ family across from New York City, set it back by two weeks.

After a few months enjoying the people and cultures of England, Ireland, Wales, Scotland, Netherlands, and Germany, they decided winter was not the best time to play tourist. Having been to Budapest in 1998 and loving the city, they returned to Budapest to wait out the cold. A truly urban metropolis, they decided to settle there for ‘awhile’.

Having grown up on a farm, then moving up to the 'big' town Modesto, life in this sprawling city has been eye opening and challenging, though enjoyable for the most part. Ron spent years doing volunteer work as a docent at the Fine Arts Museum, until it closed for renovations.

Ryan is originally from the New Jersey coast: Long Branch and Asbury Park.  He has lived in the States of NJ, NY,ryan Michigan, Florida, Pennsylvania, and California. He taught elementary school at St. Michael’s in north Philadelphia before returning for and earning his Masters in Social Work from Temple University. Philadelphia is a city that is still near and dear to him.

In Modesto, California, he specialized in medical social work and started his own consulting business in addition to teaching at Modesto Junior College. He taught there for 15 years before attending classes at the University of San Francisco. He earned his Ed.D. in International and Multicultural Education with specializations in Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Training.

Being a travel addict, Ryan has advised many on travel and has been an avid poster to web forums for over a decade. Due to this, he was approached by Frommer’s Travel Guides and was hired to write the full guide Frommer's Budapest & the Best of Hungary 7th and 8th edition. They also hired him to write the Hungary chapter for Frommer’s Europe by Rail guide 3rd and 4th eds., the Hungary chapter for Frommer's Eastern Europe guide 2nd ed and the Hungary chapter for Frommer's Europe 11th and 12th eds. Ryan has also written for Gayot Publications and the Nile Project among other freelances pieces.

But why Ecuador? Much has been written about Ecuador and especially Cuenca in regard to ex-pat living. There was an intense curiousity that Ryan and Ron had to satisfy. By the third trip, they knew they needed to invest in a property in Cuenca. Currently, US citizens are allowed 90 days a year. This fits nicely into their travel plans as it gives them time in Budapest, where they ran BudaBaB, a Bed and Breakfast (closed November 2018) and also time to explore new countries and cities.

Ryan and Ron have traveled to 78 countries since 1993. They are counting on many more. To view Ryan's photos, you can visit his photo blog by clicking on the name Ryan and Ron Do the World. It has not been updated for a year.

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